If there were four leaves Then shows that you will find happiness.

Max. Multiply1000X
Release Time2022.1.14
Game Capacity12.6MB
Supported Platforms
Supported Language
Four-Leafed Lucky Clover, the Elf's Adventure of Fortune

When the three Coin Bucket Bonus symbols appear, you will enter the lucky Free Game. During the journey, every time the Lucky Clover symbol appears, the Lucky Clover leaves will be randomly dropped. When you collect all four Lucky Clover leaves, these leaves will be expanded together and upgraded to Golden Lucky Clover Wild Symbol. What's more, this Golden Lucky Clover Symbol will not be withdrawn after expansion and will remain locked until the end of the Free Game, increasing your chances of winning a full set of prizes and bringing you lots of big prizes! Discover the mysterious power of this lucky clover and dig out your own grand prize now!